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Fresh AUS Angus and AUS Wagyu beef delivered same-day across Dubai.

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Beef Mince

MLS brings you wide variety of freshly slaughtered meat in the shape of Beef Mince to help you cook fresh meals daily on your own. This grounded beef mince is fresh, 100% halal and hormones-free. Delivered Fresh within the same day in Dubai!

🥩 Beef mince is perfect for creating a variety of dishes, from burgers to Bolognese. 100% Halal guarantees ethical sourcing and quality.

🚚 Benefit from same-day delivery, ensuring your meat is fresh upon arrival. Freshness guaranteed means the best quality for your meals.

🍛 Versatile and delicious, beef mince suits many recipes. Enhance your cooking with our premium, fresh minced beef.

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