Same-day fresh meat delivery across Dubai for orders confirmed by 9:30pm

Fresh AUS Angus and AUS Wagyu beef delivered same-day across Dubai.

No minimum order. Customise your order the way you want.

Seasoned Meat

🌶️ Seasoned meat adds an extra layer of zest to your cooking, offering freshly seasoned options that enhance both taste and aroma. Perfect for quick and delicious meals, these meats bring convenience and flavour to your kitchen.

🚚 The same-day delivery service ensures that you receive your seasoned meat promptly, allowing you to prepare meals without any hassle. This service is ideal for busy days when you need quality ingredients fast.

🍽️ Each piece passes the taste test, providing satisfaction and guaranteed flavour with every bite. These seasoned meats are perfect for those who want to add a burst of flavour to their dishes without compromising on quality.

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