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How to Prepare for a BBQ

By Mahmoud Aldayriyeh  •  0 comments  •   3 minute read

How to Prepare for a BBQ - MLS

Preparing for a BBQ can be a stressful affair. Making sure everything is in place before guests begin to arrive can become rushed if you are not prepared. Whether it is a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or simply a get together in the garden with friends and family, you will want to be prepared.

Step 1 - The Garden

How to Prepare for a BBQ - MLS

The best place to start, is on location in the garden. As the venue for your arrangement, your garden should be well presented and looking its best. Cleaning round the garden, jet washing the patio and wiping down tables and chairs the day before gives them time to dry before the main event.

If you have flower beds, ensure your flowers are neatly presented, perhaps even get some new additions if you are really looking to impress your guests.

When was the last time you used the BBQ? Cleaning an unkempt BBQ can be a challenge if it has been sat for some time. This is another job you should try to get done the day before, or at least let the grill soak overnight.

Next you will need to think about chairs. How many guests do you need to accommodate? Knowing this and preparing in advance gives you ample time to make arrangements. You might consider asking the guests to bring a chair or two or lend some from a neighbour if you are short.

Step 2 - The Menu

Burgers, steaks, mishkaks, lamb

Now it is time to start considering the food. Burgers, steaks, mishkaks, lamb and kebabs will all go down well. Careful consideration is also needed for your guest’s dietary requirements, particularly if it is a large party. You should find out in advance about any allergies, intolerances or if you have any vegetarians or vegans to entertain.

Preparation of food is just as important as preparing your space. As some foods take longer, and with limited space on the grill, it is a good idea to have all your meats marinaded and your kebabs and mishkaks made up.

Bowls of salad for sides and vegetable kebabs of coloured peppers and mushrooms will add a little colour, crunch and variety to the meal. Bread, buttered and sliced for burgers and sandwiches and ready for their hot-off-the-grill filling is something else you might want to tackle before the meat is on the grill.

When choosing your meat, why not check out our full menu, we do the prep so you don’t have to. Missed step two? We now offer a same day delivery time to accross dubai meaning last minute BBQs don’t have to be such a stress.

MLS Kabab

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