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American Angus Vs Australian Angus – The Battle of the Beefs

By Muhammad Ahmed Mujtaba  •  0 comments  •   3 minute read

American and Australian Angus Beef Steaks
There has been a great debate for many years over the best bits of beef for your steak dinner. With supply chain networks becoming increasingly efficient, our food becomes ever more diverse. The battle now, rather than the cut, becomes the origin of the steak itself and the breed of cow.
With that in mind and being blessed with the best beefs from anywhere in the world, right here in Oman, which should you choose? The almighty Angus have long been favoured, and flavoured, as the supreme champions of Steakhouses the world over.
With Australia and America both claiming to produce the best, who is the true champion, and why are these steaks so revered?

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American Angus Vs Australian Angus

The first port of call into our investigation, should be why these delicious steaks are so... delicious. They both have awesome flavour, but what is it that produces the juices.

Our answer lies in the fat content of the steak. Now, regardless of what you may or may not know about meat, the leanest of steaks are not always the best. A steak with no fat, or marbling, as us experts refer to it, will never be as flavoursome as one with a sizzling strip along the edge.

With marbling, the fat is seen in small lines throughout the cut, and this is increasingly apparent in Angus. The benefit this has for the beef, is that as the fats cook, they dissolve releasing juices that leave the steak flavoursome and tender.

Grass or Grain

American Angus Vs Australian Angus Beef

Another common factor in the quality of your meat is the feed. Cows are traditionally raised on grass, but when it comes to steaks, a grain finish is far superior. True grain finished cattle will have white or translucent fat throughout. Grass fed cattle sees the fat turn more yellow.


American Angus

The Aberdeen Angus steak takes its name from the Aberdeen Angus cow, hailing from the windy and rainy hills of Scotland. The Angus is a small breed of beef cattle and is found across most of the world. In America, it is the most popular breed of cattle.

American vs Australian

American Angus Vs Australian Angus MLS

It may sound like a strange toss up, surely the same cow produces the same meat regardless of its geographical location. Considering what we have already learnt, however, what factors could play into the end product?

American beef is much more likely to have been brought up on a soybean/grain diet. This means more marbling, more juices and more flavour. The finish, a buttery, rich flavour and the tenderest of cuts.

Australian cattle are mostly grass fed. This leads to healthier cattle, but also leaner meat. With less marbling on the steak, although healthier, it lacks in tenderness and flavour. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its own unique properties. As grass-fed cattle, the meat produced is often a little more earthy and beefy.

For us, the US Angus takes the top spot, but the reality is it is down to personal preference. Don’t let us choose your dinner, experience them both yourself and you can decide.

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